Music has existed since the dawn of time, but people have only been listening to music on machines since Edison invented the gramophone. Generations of music listeners have sought methods to improve the quality of sound ever since. PLATEAU Corporation has contributed to this search for excellent sound quality with our unique and inventive line of speaker stands.


Speaker stand placement

PLATEAU Corporation has combined years of technological experience and sound system engineering to produce speaker stands that are designed to provide the perfect listening experience.

Our speaker stands are deliberately constructed to raise speakers off the floor and position them away from walls that distort and disrupt natural sound quality.

Finally, a speaker stand has been invented to enable every music listener to hear music the way it was intended: uninterrupted, beautiful and clear.

The final placement of your speakers will be up to you and your ears.

With our free air design, quality craftsmanship and premium materials, you know we will always be solidly in your corner.

Speaker placed on floor

Speakers placed on the floor and placed in a corner produce an uncomfortable overpowering bass and depressed mids and highs.

Speaker Chart Speaker against wall

Speakers placed against a wall and put on the floor exaggerate the bass and muffle mid and high range sounds.

Speaker Chart Speaker moved away from wall

Speakers moved away from the wall but still on the floor produce an unnatural bass and uneven mid and high range of sound.

Speaker Chart Speaker on stand

Speakers allowed to rest in a free air environment raised from the floor and away from the wall produce an even and smooth bass and a superb sound quality.

Speaker Chart