Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Speaker Stands Priced?

The price indicated is per pair of speakers stands.  The model number denotes the height (ie a ST-23 is 23" in height).

Why Do I Need Speaker Stands?

Speaker stands dramatically enhance the acoustic performance of your loudspeakers. Click here for further information on proper speaker placement.

What Is The Recommended Speaker Stand Height For My Speaker?

The ideal height of the loudspeaker & speaker stand should place the tweeter at ear level when you are seated in a listening position.

This height is typically 40" - 45" high. (i.e. If your speakers are 20” tall, the proper speaker stand would be 20” – 25” in height).

How Do I know If I Need A Fixed Shelf Rack Or A Modular Rack For My Components?

The importance is determined by the application need. A fixed shelf system is easy to assemble, has aesthetic appeal, and will accommodate today’s audio / visual components.

A modular rack allows for additional components to be added in the future.

What Is The Weight Restriction Of Shelves, Or Speaker Stands?

PLATEAU products are made with 16 gauge metal construction, and 5/8” and 3/4” shelving.

Our product will support standard audio and video equipment & speakers in the retail marketplace.

Is There A Warranty That Comes With Any PLATEAU Products?

Under US law the Warranty expressed is “limited”. PLATEAU agrees to replace all manufacturing defects on PLATEAU furniture free of charge for a period of ninety days from the date of purchase.

This warranty includes the cost of replacement parts for the purpose of repairing manufacturing defects only.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of damage due to customer abuse or neglect.

For service, contact your PLATEAU Dealer.